1st “Insider’s Club” Post

by Lou Abbott on June 17, 2010

Can People Change?
Can YOU Change?

The video in this post may surprise you!  And . . . it’s very empowering.

This is the first post, the first “revelation” that I am sharing.

As you watch the video, realize that the first application of it is to OURSELVES!

I really welcome your comments below.

Warning: If you check out the free Simpleology system from Mark Joyner that I mention in the video that I use and that was the source of this “revelation” for me, just know that he does have  a LOT of those very annoying up sell offers.  One of my good friends and business associates wrote me and complained about them.  If you don’t know how to skip through those without being offended, don’t take him up on his free stuff.

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