Ann Bamert

by Lou Abbott on June 29, 2012

Nerium Representative in San Bernardino, CA

About Ann

As seen in Beautiful You magazine

Ask me for a free copy of "Beautiful You" magazine - or a risk-free trial of NeriumAD.

As a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, I perform a full range of high complexity testing to uncover diseases such as cancer. These lab tests would not have been possible if not for the hard work and dedication of researchers and scientists who have dedicated their entire life to developing new techniques and discoveries.

Ann just eanred her nerium lexus car bonus

Wow! A Lexus car bonus in the first 45 days!

For those reasons, I chose NeriumAD to care for my skin, it’s a scientific breakthrough, and it really works!

My family is my greatest accomplishment. I am a people-person and love to share the Nerium Story. The company’s mantra “REAL” is as good as it gets.

Contact me today and let’s build REAL RELATIONSHIPS together.

Contact Information:
San Bernardino, Riverside, Palm Springs and Palm Desert, California – the whole “Inland Empire”

Ann’s Nerium Business Presentation and Information Website

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